Frequently Asked Questions

Here we will try to answer on common questions about our products and services. This sections will be continuously updated.

Clever canvas is a built-in solution for showing advertisements everywhere. If you already have some TV screens or panels you can just use CC Cube to transfer your advertisements on them. CC Cube is Set Top TV dongle with HDMI out and our software on it.

Clever Canvas needs internet only for the first time when your make registration on our server. All other manipulations including changing content can be proceeded without internet connection.

CC has client applications running under Android 4.4 or later and IOS 7 or later. Applications you can find in Play Market and Apple store.

Client’s app allows you to save your contents in cloud storage and share for your colleagues in different places.

In client apps we prepared a lot of templates and beautiful fonts for you to choose. Also you can download additional materials from cloud store.

Just contact our managers in China office or Korea office for more details.Contact us